Qeshm Nopak Crocodile Park …

Other animals in the noopak park

In this collection more than 100 small crocodile heads and …

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Crocodile Nopak Park

Visiting Iran’s first and largest crocodile park in the Middle East …

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Honorable noopak

In the years 2012/1392and 2014/1393 the CEO of NOPEC …..

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History of noopak activity

In ۱۳۸۹ 2010 Crocodile farm on the island …

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Most of the napak farming activity …

  • Farm activity is mainly to breed crocodiles and sell them to zoos, aquariums and other wildlife centers.
  • Crocodile Noopak Park is a central destination for wildlife tourists. Protecting animals requires treatment and care and maintenance until recovery and release into the wild, including toddler activities.
  • Cultivated Crocodile Species This center is an Australian crocodile species procured and bred under the International Convention on the Site.

Most of the noopak farming activity

Qeshm Crocodile noopak Park is recognized as an innovative and entrepreneurial project in Iran.

noopak is the abbreviation, slogan of the company and its secret line: innovation, dynamism, striving

Services Crocodile Noopak Farm and Park

Crocodiles are available for sale in any size. Keep in mind that crocodiles are sold to licensed centers that have the right space. Otherwise, please do not call.

Crocodile farm management, maintenance and breeding training courses in noopak are privately held with the internship. The internship certificate is also issued.

Wildlife Parks and Animal Welfare Services are consulted. Please contact us for negotiation and exchange of consultation.

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