Welcome to the Noopak The First Crocodile Farm and The Biggest Crocodile Park of Middle East.


Noopak Crocodile Farm

Noopak Crocodile Farm is full private company has approved by Environment Department and Agriculture Department of Iran. There is 200 crocodile , Small to big and The Largest Crocodiles in country.

Noopak Sanctuary Park

In addition of crocodiles there are many animals that living in the Noopak Sanctuary Park. In a corporation with Environment Department , Noopak Park keep some animals they need help to live.

Noopak History

Nooapk Crocodile Farm has started since 2009 in Hengam Island which is located in south of Iran in the Persian Gulf .
Noopak Crocodile Park has begun since 2010 in Qeshm Island . in 2015 the Crocodile Park Had development in quality and quantity .

Noopak Prouds

Noopak has been admiration as Entrepreneurs of Hormozgan province in 2012 and 2013 and The first Entrepreneurs of Iran in 2014. Noopak Crocodile Park is one of the best tourism attraction in the Qeshm island now.

Noopak Galleries


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Main activity is Breeding Crocodiles


Noopak Crocodile Farm is Breeding crocodiles and sell to the Zoos, Aquacultures, Aquariums and other farms. Crocodile Porosus (Salt Water Australian Crocodile) is the breeding specie . The Biggest and most dangerous specie in the world. This Specie has Bought under CITES laws. 


Noopak Farm is known as an innovative Company in Iran. Most activities have done by new ideas.

Our Goals

Innovation , Creation and Effort Continuously.

Our Staffs

They are 20 staff working in Noopak now, All of them trained and experienced in crocodile and animal breeding. Noopak’s team is one of the best in the world.


Noopak always is growing up and accepts all offers to improve itself better.

Other activities (services)


Training Course is designed to give those people that are already in the zoo industry or the crocodile farming industry an opportunity to learn the correct methods of handling crocodiles from hatchlings to mature adults.

If you are an approved animal keeper and you want to buy crocodile, Nooak has all sizes of Saltwater Crocodile for sale to you. All sales will be done under CITES and Environmet Department of Iran.

If you want to make a farm or zoo , Noopak is ready to give you all consultant you will need. Our Experts can design the best solution for you. Do not hesitate to contact us.